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Medallion has added new columns!
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As we continue to give you visibility into the flow of licenses we have added new columns to the licensing tab.

Sent To Provider Date:

You now will see a column showing the date that an application was sent to a provider for their review. All applications need to be reviewed by providers before they can be submitted to the board.

PSV Submitted Date:

PSV (Primary Source Verification) Submitted Date is the day that Medallion submitted all items to the board we believe they will request in order for a license to be completed. Board may come back and ask for extra information or may not have processed all the items we submitted to them, but we have sent everything they have requested thus far.

App Expiration Date:

This brand new column gives visibility into when the application submitted to the board expires. This is not the license's expiration date, just the applications. While most applications are valid for 1 year, certain applications have to be completed within 3-6 months. This column allows us to help providers prioritize which applications need to be completed first, or get moving on tasks they have not started yet.

Intake Complete Date:

This status indicates the file has been reviewed by the Intake Team and all necessary information has been uploaded to the provider’s profile for application processing to begin.

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