Overview of the NLC
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What is the NLC?

The Nurse Licensure Compact allows a nurse (RN) to have one multistate license with the ability to practice in the home state and other compact states. You only need to request a NP license if you’re part of the compact.

What are the eligibility requirements for Nurses who want to participate in the Compact?

Nurses are required to be licensed in the state where the recipient of nursing practice is located at the time service is provided. A multistate license allows the nurse to practice in the home state and all compact states with one license issued by the home state. This eliminates the burdensome, costly, and time consuming process of obtaining single state licenses in each state of practice.

Do you also need an RN license?

In order to pursue an NP license, most states require providers to first have an RN license. If this provider does not already have one and needs Medallion to apply for one, please create an additional request for it. This requirement may be waived if the provider has a compact license and lives in a compact state. More information about the nursing compact can be found here: https://www.ncsbn.org/nurse-licensure-compact.htm

Where is the compact reflected in Medallion?

Within the first basic information section of a RN or NP profile we ask the provider to self identify if they are in the compact.


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