Overview of the IMLC
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IMLC Compact

What is the IMLC?

The Interstate Medical Licensure Compact, also known as the IMLC is an interstate agreement that allows physicians to obtain expedited licensure in multiple states.

What are the eligibility requirements for physicians who want to participate in the Compact?

The first requirement for physicians to participate in the Compact is to hold a full, unrestricted medical license in a Compact member-state that can serve as a declared State of Principal License (SPL). In order to designate a state as an SPL, physicians must ensure that at least ONE of the following apply:

  • The physician’s primary residence is in the SPL

  • At least 25% of the physician’s practice of medicine occurs in the SPL

  • The physician uses the SPL as his or her state of residence for U.S. Federal Income Tax purposes.

  • The physician is employed to practice medicine by a person, business or organization located in the SPL**

**If you wish to apply via the IMLC using your employers address, please relay practice address to your CSM prior to requesting the license.

What states are within the jurisdiction?

You may use this as a reference but note that at some point this map may change. Please reference the link below for most up to date information.

How is a compact license Represented in Medallion?

How will Medallion apply to the IMLC?

Medallion will automatically apply for a license via the IMLC for any providers with home addresses in an IMLC State (dark blue states). There are currently 30 states who participate in the compact.


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